Applied Magnetics Corporation (AMC)

????Applied Magnetics Corporation

First independent supplier of flying magnectic heads for disk drives

Why it's important
The OEM sale of heads by suppliers to the disk drive companies lower the barrier to entry, thereby enabling industry growth.


AMC was the first independent supplier of flying magnetic heads [fact?], as a subcontractor of heads to IBM for use in the 1311 disk drive. The heads were made of laminated permalloy and hand-wound with about 30 turns of wire. IBM had a development team using ex watch-makers to build prototype heads, but relied on AMC for larger volume manufacturing. AMC supplied several generations of heads to IBM,

The first OEM customer was ???? in ???? which strained the relationship with IBM.

AMC was also a supplier of tape heads to the industry, and an early entrant into thin film heads ... but that program was beset with technical difficulties and never commercially successful.

AMC, as well as a spin-off supplier Infomag, was located in Santa Barbara, a relatively small community on the Southern California coastline, removed from the stronger infrastructure of Silicon Valley.

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