Main Timeline of Significant Events and Products

This list was developed by the Computer History Museum's Storage Special Interest Group.

1957 IBM 350 Disk Storage First Production Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
1962 IBM 1301 Early disk drive with flying magnetic heads and one head per surface.
1963 IBM 1311 First disk drive with interchangeable disk packs (14-inch diameter) enabling smaller and lower cost disk drives.
1965 IBM 2310 and 2315 Cartridge First cartridge disk drive
1966 IBM 2314 First drive with ferrite core heads.
1967 Memorex Mark I Disc Pack First independent disk pack product
1967? Applied Magnetics Corporation First OEM supplier of disk drive heads
1968 Memorex 630 First "plug compatible" disk drive, equivalent to IBM 2311
1969 Memorex 660 First "media compatible" IBM 2314
1971 IBM 3330-1 First track following servo
1973 IBM 3340 (Winchester) Pioneered use of low-mass, low-load, landing heads with lubricated disks all packaged in a removable module, the 3348 data module.
1973 CDC 9760 (SMD) The first significant departure from IBM standards for disk storage media.
1975 IBM 62GV & STC 8800 Super Disk First HDD’s to use a rotary actuator to position magnetic heads
1976 . IBM 3350 IBM 3350 Return to fixed disk HDD after a decade of removable disk packs for computers
1977DEC RL01Early sector servo positioning system
1979 IMI 7710 First brushless dc spindle motor
1979 IBM 3370 First hard disk drive to use thin film heads
1979 IBM 62PC Marks beginning of transition away from 14-inch disks
1979 Shugart Associates SA1000 First Floppy Disk Drive Form factor compatible HDD,
1980 Seagate ST506 First 5.25" form factor hard disk drive
1981 DEC Aztec/RA81 Early if not first advanced recording channel
1981 Fujitsu F6421 ("Eagle") First 10.5-inch hard disk drive
1981 IBM 3380 product family Most successful hard disk drive product line in terms of revenue, profit and length of production
1982 SyQuest SQ306 Q100 First carbon over-coated thin film metal media
1983 Rodime RO351/RO352 First hard disk drive in a 3½-inch Floppy Disk Drive form factor
1984 Data Disc (Datapoint) Failure of a technologically pioneering company
1984 MiniScribe 8425 First 3½-inch hard disk drive using industry standard disk for its form factor
1985 Ampex Alar End of production of plated media by Ampex
1985 HP 97501 First commercially significant usage of a disk medium with sputtered recording layer and carbon over-coating
1987 Conner CP340A First definitive 3½-inch hard disk drive
1988 Memorex Twenty years after entering. the first plug compatible disk drive company exits the business.
1988 PrairieTek 220 First 2½-inch hard disk drive
1990 IBM Sawmill First Magneto-Resistive (MR) head hard disk drive
1990 IBM 681 First Partial Response - Maximum Likelihood (PRML) recording channel in a hard disk drive
1990 Toshiba MK1122FC First glass disk
1992 HP Kittyhawk First failure of an hard disk drive form factor.
1993 Integral Peripherals 1820 First 1.9-inch hard disk drive
1994 Maxtor MobileMax First Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) spindle motors
1996 Censtor ceases operation After trying for 17 years to perfect vertical recording Censtor ceased operations about 10 years before the technology became generally available in the industry.
1997 IBM Deskstar 16GP (14GXP) First use of GMR heads in a commercial product
1999 IBM 75GXP Family All drives fail at varying rates, but it is unusual for the failure rate to reach the level of public discussion and litigation as happened in the case of the IBM 75GXP family.
1999 IBM Microdrive First 1-inch hard disk drive
2004 Seagate Momentus II First Tunneling Magnetoresistive Head (TMR)
2005Toshiba MK4007GALCommercialization of Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR)
2009WD Caviar Black 2 TBTwo stage actuation enables higher track pitch
2013HGST Ultrastar He6First hard disk drive using helium in place of air

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