Other Interesting Events

1953IBM's Board Cancels Disk File Project

An example of corporate management's focus on current products and customers to the potential detriment of future opportunities

Status:Completed, SIG reviewed 12/7/2011

1953Myth about use of Golden Gate Bridge Paint on RAMAC disks

An example of an urban legend about the RAMAC program

Status:Completed, SIG reviewed 12/7/2011

1967 Caelus Memories

An early plug compatible disk pack manufacturer founded as a spin-out from IBM San Jose

1970Disk Drive Patent

US 3,503,060 arising from the RAMAC program is generally considered to be the fundamental patent for disk drives.

Status:Approved SIG meeting February 29, 2012

1970's IBM Plug Compatible Failures

A number of companies entered the 2314 and 3330 plug compatible market with big intentions and spending many R&D dollars

1972DEC RK05

First Digital moving head disk drive

Status:Approved SIG meeting 6/20/2012

1983 DEC RA60

Last disk pack disk drive
Last not Winchester head technology i.e., relatively high mass and highly loaded head

1983 CDC 9270 (Cricket)

Third sub 5.25" HDD, it was a technological failure

1983 Shugart/Quantum 5.25" Transition

The two dominant companies in the 8" HDD market of the early 1980's failed to succeed with their 5.25" products, the SA600 and Q500 respectively, loosing the market to Seagate, MiniScribe and CMI.

1985 CMI 6426

Drive technical problems impact IBM PC/AT acceptance

1990 MiniScribe files bancruptcy

An interesting study of management and corruption in the disk drive industry

2.5 inch laptop drives

No reason given

Status:Reviewed, SIG meeting 6/20/2012

1996 Conner Acquired By Seagate

Failure of a leading HDD Company

2001 MarQlin

Marqlin was the originator of the 1 inch drive in Compact Flash form-factor

N/AFDD contributions to HDD

not stated

Status:Reviewed, SIG Meeting 6/20/2012

N/aDisk coating

not stated

Status:Reviewed, SIG Meeting 6/20/2012