Toshiba MK4007GAL

2005Toshiba MK4007GAL

Commercialization of Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR)

Why it's important
PMR by aligning the bits in the media vertically concentrates the flux from the head allowing higher coercivity media and therefore smaller bits which corresponds to higher density.

Proposed by Iwasaki as early as 1976
Implemented briefly by Northern Telecom Models 9514 and 9516 in 1990 using Censtor media and heads

Additional Information
"Toshiba Leads Industry in Bringing Perpendicular Data Recording to HDD--Sets New Record for Storage Capacity With Two New HDDs," Toshiba Press Release, December 14, 2004
1989 Disk/Trend Report - Rigid Disk Drives, pp. DT9-3, RSPEC-123 & MFBR-14

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